Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September's Cooking Class--Pasta Sauces

Last night was so much fun! I'm glad that so many of you were able to come--I think I counted about 25. Thanks for eating so I didn't have to pack my fridge full of leftovers when you left. I also have to thank Cori Reynolds, for coming early to help me chop and assemble, and for watching the stove and oven in the background while I talked. Another thanks to Amy Scharman who took photos so I could include them with the recipes on the blog. And at the end of the night, Amy and Cori were washing all my dishes while I chatted and said goodbye to everyone. What good friends!

All of the recipes featured in the class are found on this site. Please leave comments if you try a recipe and tell us how it worked for you. If you have questions, just ask me in the comment section and I'll reply. If anyone has an idea or a request for a future class--leave a comment and let me know!


Cori said...

Awww shucks... you're welcome! Everything was fabulous and delicious, as always. You have the best ideas and thank you for all your hard work!

The Dahle Family said...

Mirien, I'm surprised you didn't teach everyone how to make your delicious pumpkin pasta sauce! 'Tis the season! Can you post that recipe? Thanks!

Melayna said...

Ah, you're so cute, Mirien . . . I've just spent over an hour perusing your fun website of yummy recipes. Now if only you lived close and we could cook together. Much more fun . . . :-) Can't wait to try some! Love ya!