Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Tradition


This is what we’ll be eating on Halloween! It’s easy (honest, it’s not as hard as it looks!), nutritious, filling, inexpensive, and uses your food storage. I entered my recipes and photo in a contest and I’m one of the finalists. Click here to see my recipes and scroll down the list of the other finalists if you want more ideas.


Karey said...

This looks amazing!
I just voted for you - but you look like a shoe-in, you've got all but one of the votes right now!

Tracy said...

What a perfect Halloween tradition! And I looked at your competition...you are SO winning that contest!

Marliese said...

Love this...we stole your tradition idea years ago. Our brew is brewing right now. In Des Moines you trick-or-treat on the night before Halloween...weird, huh?

ahs said...

i voted for you! your bread bowls look amazing, and i've tried that tasty soup. you should definitely win a trip to the lobsterfest in maine!

The Dahle Family said...

We enjoyed this before we went trick-or-treating on Saturday! Our past tradition has been dressing up as burritos and heading to Chipotle for dinner, but the lines can get a bit long and Xander and Elodie are old enough to get antsy about trick-or-treating ASAP now. So we tried the brew this year, and my kids loved the split pea soup.

Congrats on winning the contest! Your idea was by far the most worthy of a tradition and the most worthy of a food storage blog. I mean, when people are trying to learn to use food storage items, they don't really need any help figuring out how to use canned chili.